Can sciatica cause foot pain?

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Feeling pain in your foot that you think may have something to do with your sciatic nerve? You may be correct. Sciatica can, in fact, cause foot pain. Learn more about why sciatica can cause foot pain and how good-quality custom orthotics can help.

Why can sciatica cause foot pain?

The sciatic nerve can lead to foot pain in some cases, because it involves the compression of a nerve. When a nerve becomes compressed, it has the potential to cause pain that radiates to other connected parts of the body. Pain isn’t always localized to the area where the nerve is being compressed. If your sciatic nerve is being compressed in your leg or thigh, for example, you may also feel pain in your foot.

In what ways can custom orthotics address foot pain caused by sciatica?

  • Reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve — One of the ways that custom orthotics can help someone whose foot pain is caused by sciatica is by reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve. Wearing appropriately fitted custom orthotics helps to reduce the pressure placed on the tissue in the foot and could potentially even alleviate some of the pressure that is causing the nerve compression.
  • Address any issues with gait — Have you changed your gait to accommodate your sciatic nerve pain? Custom-fitted orthotics can address associated issues with gait patterns. 
  • Minimize pain in the foot Custom orthotics can address foot pain caused by sciatica because they reduce pressure on the nerve and the foot, and can improve gait patterns. Each of these benefits contributes to reducing pain.

Biocorrect wants to address your foot pain caused by sciatica

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