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Most orthotic manufacturers take a one-shape-fits-all approach to solving lower body pain/symptoms. They focus on arch support for temporary pain relief, but blocking the arch displaces the body's natural shock absorber in ways that can actually lead to biomechanical inefficiencies and injuries.

Biocorrect’s handcrafted custom foot orthotics are designed for your unique needs with specific correction to address what is causing you problems. More than just an insert — we are a fully-customizable foot orthotic system and lab, engineered to address and treat biomechanical imbalances of the entire body. And we’re backed by more than 25 years of experience.

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Our Approach

Our orthotics address the entire structure of the foot, because true foot alignment, from the heel to the toe, is the key to optimal performance, maximized efficiency, and the achievement of biomechanical balance. We also look at the unique alignment of your back, hips, knees, feet, and ankles because we know that your feet are not independent of your body!

We have unique solutions for everyone from pediatric to geriatric, from high-performance athletes to casual walkers, and everyday people suffering with pain and discomfort. Our handcrafted custom orthotics provide solutions for all shoe applications, including everyday running/walking shoes, dress shoes, cleats, track spikes, golf shoes, hockey skates, and hiking boots.