What do you mean when you say your “foot alignment system biomechanically accommodates the foot”?

At Biocorrect, our Certified Pedorthists and Biomechanical Specialists perform extensive studies on your functional and structural imbalances and combine the use of muscle balance strengthening, proper shoes, and custom insoles, to address the motion and the control of the weight-bearing structures of the foot. The foot is made up of a complex combination of bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints that move separately and subsequently adapt to the body imbalances on different terrains. We look at and adjust the foot by altering its adaptation and controlling rotation of the ankle, lower leg, knee, and hip.

Are there product guarantees?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Adjustments to the device are not uncommon. Please contact us for a consultation if you have concerns regarding your device.

Who should use Biocorrect orthotics?

70% of the population needs orthotics, and the other 30% could benefit.

Can my orthotic be worn in more than one shoe?

Yes. The device can be moved from shoe to shoe.

Do you offer virtual appointments?

Yes, we offer virtual appointments. You can learn more about how virtual appointments work on our Virtual Care page.

Do you participate with insurance?

When you visit our office, we can bill Blue Cross Blue Shield. For online orders, please request a detailed receipt at check out to submit for possible reimbursement from your insurance company.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all methods of payment: Cash, Check, Discover Card, Mastercard Visa, American Express, and Care Credit.

What makes Biocorrect different from traditional or conventional devices?

We are dedicated and committed to addressing the unique needs of each individual. Our staff’s expertise and experience working with the industrial worker, general population, and athletes continue to inspire us to develop a unique orthotic application specific to each individual’s needs, unlike any other traditional or conventional orthotic devices on the market.

Unfortunately, traditional and conventional orthotic devices have relied on an over-the-counter, one-shape-fits-all approach, focusing on the arch for temporary pain relief. The foot is an extremely complex piece of equipment with multiple moving parts that act as “shock absorbers” for the entire body, and blocking the arch as a means of control, merely displaces the body’s impact, in ways that can lead to biomechanical insufficiencies and injury. An arch centered approach to the foot is often unsuccessful because it does not properly address common foot injuries when most biomechanical injuries and conditions are caused by an imbalance of the forefoot. Feel the difference with Biocorrect.

What are my choices for shipping within the United States?

We ship UPS, USPS, FedEx.  There is an additional charge for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Additional charges may apply.  

What are the rates for International Shipping?

International shipping charges vary based on package destination.

When will my order ship?

We’ll ship your order in 5 to 7 business days from the date we receive your order.

How can I contact the company?

Biocorrect, LLC
5147 East Paris Ave SE Suite 21
Kentwood, Michigan  49512
P (616) 356-5030
F (616) 656-5442
Toll-Free: (800) 840-1487