3 features you'll find in the best shoes for sciatica nerve pain

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Sciatica is a painful condition that can have a big impact on your daily life. It typically occurs when a bone spur or herniated disc pushes against your sciatic nerve, causing inflammation in your leg or lower back.

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for sciatica, so a great thing to do if you’re in pain is to call a physical therapist in your area. However, changing your footwear may also help to reduce your sciatica pain.

In fact, your PT will likely recommend you get some sciatica-friendly shoes (or inserts) as part of your treatment plan.

Below, we’ll talk about three features shared by all the best shoes for sciatica nerve pain.

Looking for the best shoes for sciatica nerve pain? Check for these features

If you suffer from sciatica nerve pain, look for these features when you’re browsing shoes online or trying pairs on at the mall:

1. Light weight

The last thing you want to do when your leg muscles are inflamed is to put additional stress on them. Give your legs a break and look for a lightweight shoe that doesn’t take much effort to lift.

2. Arch support

A lack of arch support can cause a pain in your foot that shoots up the rest of your leg (and even into your back). Shoes with good arch support can prevent that from happening. Unless you have flat feet, avoid flip-flops and other flat shoes.

3. Lots of cushion

Tennis shoes are often said to be the best shoes for sciatica nerve pain because they offer more cushioning than most other types of shoes, which reduces the impact on your joints as you walk.

Do orthotic inserts work well for sciatica?

Yes, orthotic inserts can be good for sciatica, as they allow you to add cushion and arch support to most types of footwear. While they won’t make your work boots lighter and you can’t wear them with flip-flops, they’ll make any pair of shoes better for your sciatic nerve pain.

Plus, custom options are available, providing personalized arch support designed for your specific feet.

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