How to get custom insoles that offer the best fit for your feet

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You may have been impressed by an article or ad you saw for custom orthotic insoles, and you may even have decided to get yourself a pair. There’s only one problem: You’re not sure how to get custom orthotic insoles that offer the best fit for your feet. 

Uncertainty about how to get custom orthotic insoles is a problem that’s not unique to you. Many people who are looking at these products experience it, too. One way you can find out about the process necessary to get custom orthotics is to ask a medical professional. You can also take a look at these three steps to find an answer to many of your questions. 

Three steps that can help you get custom orthotic insoles: 

  1. Visit a select medical professional — Many general practitioners, podiatrists and even physical therapists can help you learn more about custom orthotics. They can also give you an idea of some of the benefits these products can offer. Many of these medical professionals can also point you to a team that includes certified pedorthists who can help you get custom orthotics that are personalized to your feet. 
  1. Have a comprehensive evaluation — Once you’ve found a team that offers custom orthotics, the next step is to have a comprehensive evaluation from a certified pedorthist. Why? Such evaluations help your pedorthist determine exactly what foot, ankle, knee, hip or even lower back problems you have and how they’re affecting your ability to move. This knowledge allows your pedorthist to build you a set of custom orthotics that’s the best fit for your needs.
  1. Take a foam impression of your feet — Have you ever stood in wet sand on a beach trip? You may have noticed that the impression that’s left behind allows you to see every curve and line of your foot. A foam impression kit is designed to let your pedorthist see exactly the same thing. That’s why taking a foam impression of your feet will be a part of your evaluation process. In cases where you’re doing a virtual evaluation, you’ll often be sent a foam impression kit to do at home and instructions about how to use it. 

Still have questions about how to get custom orthotic insoles? Biocorrect can help

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