Which leg injuries from car accidents can benefit from custom orthotics?Which leg injuries from car accidents can benefit from custom orthotics?

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The legs are among the most common parts of the body to be injured in a car accident. Because of their position, drivers and passengers can easily damage their knees, shins, ankles and feet in even a minor collision. They may also develop injuries to the soft tissue in and around these body parts, such as the leg muscles. 

Injuries are not limited to the interior of a vehicle. Some leg injuries can occur when someone is struck by a car or is struck by debris from colliding vehicles. Fortunately, there are many car accident-related leg injuries that can benefit from custom orthotics.

Leg injuries from car accidents that can benefit from custom orthotics

  • ACL tears — It is known as an ACL rupture when the anterior cruciate ligament is partially or completely torn. It can be torn when the leg twists in a car accident.
  • Meniscus tears — The meniscus is the cartilage that lies between your thighbone and shinbone. You can tear this tissue if a strong force is applied in the area, which a car accident can supply. Meniscal tears can cause pain, swelling, locking of the knee joint and problems walking.
  • Fractured or broken bones — The impact of a car accident can also cause broken bones in your leg, foot or ankle. If you feel extreme pain after an accident, you should get an X-ray as soon as possible to rule out any fractures or breaks.

How can custom orthotics help with leg injuries from car accidents?

Do your ankles, knees and/or hips hurt because of a car accident? If so, you should consider custom orthotics for your feet. Custom orthotics are uniquely made shoe inserts that can help alleviate pain in all areas of the legs. They can also help:  

  • Make weight-bearing activities easier — Custom orthotics can help make many weight-bearing activities easier for those with leg injuries. They can help people avoid or correct foot deformities resulting from their car accident injury. They are also designed to help alleviate pain associated with weight-bearing activities like walking, running or standing for long periods of time.
  • Support lower limb alignment — Along with reducing pain, custom orthotics can be used to correct the alignment of a lower limb. This can help stabilize it, help it heal or facilitate ease of function. It can also prevent or correct deformities in a lower limb.
  • Prevent future leg injuries — If you continue using custom orthotics after your original leg injury has healed, they can help prevent future leg injuries from occurring. They do this by helping you keep a good posture while walking and running. The improved posture can help keep extra stress from being placed on your injured leg. Leg injuries from car accidents can use this extra buffer of support.

Leg injuries from car accidents should be addressed swiftly to help quicken your recovery. Custom orthotics are designed to fit each person's feet exactly, which allows them to provide maximum support for the foot, ankle, knees and lower back. This makes them a perfect addition to a leg injury recovery plan.

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