How can custom insoles help your leg muscles?

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Have you ever stopped to think just how much your leg muscles do every day? Odds are that you haven’t unless your muscles are painful, and custom insoles can help make life easier on your hardworking leg muscles. 

In most cases, custom insoles are actually custom orthotics. The difference is that orthotics are prescribed by a medical professional and they’re custom-fitted to your feet. These orthotics can do a lot to help the estimated 126.1 million American adults who reported that they felt some pain in the past three months. 

Specifically, custom orthotics can offer many benefits to the muscles in your legs, and these benefits can add up to the greatest benefit of all: a lower likelihood of pain. 

Four ways custom orthotic insoles can help your leg muscles: 

  1. Reducing stress — Every time your feet hit the ground, it sends a shock up your legs. This stress increases during more strenuous activities like running. Custom orthotics provide an additional layer of padding in your shoes; this layer is designed to absorb more of the shock when your feet hit the ground. 
  1. Improving alignment — Joints that are out of alignment can lead to many painful issues, including leg muscle problems. Custom orthotics are intended to help realign leg joints like your ankles, knees and hips. Improving leg joint alignment also means leg muscles can operate more efficiently and in ways that are less likely to trigger pain.
  1. Decreasing chances of muscle injuriesMuscle strains are one of the most common leg injuries. They occur when the leg muscles are either overstretched or forced to contract more than normal. Both actions create microscopic tears in the muscle’s fibers, which triggers pain. By easing stress on the leg muscles, custom orthotic insoles help reduce the chances you’ll develop muscle injuries like strains. 
  1. Improving performance and recovery — Athletes and people who work out regularly are often concerned about the performance of their muscles. They’re also typically looking for faster muscle recovery. Custom orthotics can help boost muscle performance and recovery. One reason is that they help keep joints in alignment, which allows muscles to move your legs with less effort. This fact plus the fact that custom orthotics reduce strain on your muscles can help decrease recovery times after exercise. 

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