Where does a cuboid pad go in a custom orthotic and what does it do?

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Custom orthotics may seem very simple when viewed from the outside. But you’re missing all the parts that you can’t see that come together to make custom orthotics so effective. One important piece in many custom orthotics is a cuboid pad. 

Where is a cuboid pad placed in a custom orthotic?

A cuboid pad gets its name from where it’s placed in a custom orthotic. Where is that exactly? These pads are placed on the outer side of the orthotic in the midfoot area. This just happens to be right below the cuboid bone. These pads are typically made from synthetic materials and have a wedgelike shape. They can also be different thicknesses. Cuboid pads can range in thickness from about as thick as a grain of rice to about as thick as a stack of three nickels. 

What is the purpose of a cuboid pad?

Not every custom orthotic will include a cuboid pad, but they tend to have a specific purpose or purposes when they are used. Some of these purposes include: 

  • Addressing cuboid syndrome — Cuboid pads are often used to help people who are experiencing cuboid syndrome. This foot condition involves the cuboid bone and the ligaments that help hold it in place. Cuboid syndrome occurs when someone, usually an athlete or dancer, accidentally rolls their foot too far outward. This can lead to an overstretching of one or more cuboid ligaments. In turn, this can cause the cuboid bone to move out of its normal position. 

Cuboid syndrome often leads to pain and swelling in the outer midfoot. It can also make walking more difficult and lead to referred pain in the outside of your ankle. Cuboid pads can help stabilize and support the cuboid bone. As a result, they can help take stress off injured cuboid ligaments and help your sore feet. 

  • Mitigating oversupination — Everyone’s feet roll outward a bit at times. But it’s known as oversupination when your foot rolls outward a lot. Cuboid pads can be one of the pieces used to help people whose feet oversupinate when they walk. Some benefits of these pads may include better gait mechanics and a decreased risk of cuboid syndrome. 

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