What can custom orthotics do to help the bursitis in your foot?

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From badly fitting shoes to repetitive movements, there are many ways people may develop foot bursitis. Treating this condition can take time, but custom orthotics can be one important piece of your healing puzzle. 

What is foot bursitis?

Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that are found throughout your body. They act as cushions between ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissue and bones. In your foot, there are many of these cushions. One is located at the back of your heel. Another is located slightly higher between the Achilles tendon and your heel bone. Others can be found in the ball of your foot. 

When one of these bursae becomes inflamed, you have bursitis. There are two types of foot bursitis that are the most common. The first is heel, or retrocalcaneal, bursitis, and the second is forefoot, or intermetatarsal, bursitis. 

What are some symptoms of foot bursitis? 

There are many symptoms that you may develop if you have bursitis. Some of the most common symptoms you might develop include: 

  • Swelling, warmth and redness around the affected bursa. 
  • Pain when touching the affected area. 
  • Pain when you are walking or running.
  • Increased pain when standing on tiptoes or when bending your foot. 

How can custom orthotics help your foot bursitis? 

A podiatrist may prescribe many forms of treatment for your condition, and one of them may be custom orthotics. And there are good reasons for that. A few of the reasons that custom orthotics may be part of your bursitis treatment plan are: 

  • They can provide added support — Your heel and foot arch may become unstable if they aren’t supported properly. The lack of support can also make things harder on your already painful bursa. Custom orthotics are designed to provide the right level of support for your feet. 
  • They can help reduce stress on your painful bursa — A bursa that is constantly under stress is less likely to heal. Custom orthotics can help reduce the stress on your inflamed foot bursa by increasing arch and ankle support. 
  • They can help ease your symptoms — Improved support and reduced stress on the bursa can lead to other benefits. Importantly, custom orthotics can help ease the pain of retrocalcaneal and intermetatarsal bursitis. They can also play a role in helping control and reduce bursa inflammation. 

Biocorrect offers custom orthotics that can help address your foot condition

Are foot bursitis symptoms making it harder for you to get through the day? Our Biocorrect team is eager to help you tackle this painful foot condition. Our certified pedorthists can do a comprehensive lower body and gait evaluation on you. This will allow them to confirm that you have bursitis and not some other issue. Then, they will take custom molds of your feet. These allow our experts to build orthotics that fit every curve of your foot. 

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