How to effectively help your sore feet

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We walk around. We jump up and down. We go for a run. We accidentally drop things on our feet. Clearly, there is no shortage of reasons why Americans develop sore feet. 

It’s not even that unlikely that you will develop painful feet. One medical survey found that 50% of those surveyed had foot problems that were painful enough to limit their activities. Determining how to effectively help your sore feet is an important task, and certified pedorthists can help you with this task by developing custom orthotics for your feet.

How do custom orthotics help your sore feet?

Certified pedorthists are professionals who can evaluate your feet and lower limbs to determine why your feet hurt. They can also create custom orthotics for you that can help your sore feet. How do these products help your sore feet? Here are some ways custom orthotics can help painful feet: 

  1. Reducing impact — Custom orthotics are designed to provide a precise level of cushioning. This cushioning can help decrease the impact of your feet meeting the ground. In turn, this reduced impact can help keep your feet from feeling painful. 
  1. Realigning joints — Misalignment in the hip, knee and ankle joints can be a source of foot pain. Custom orthotics can help realign all the joints in your lower limbs. For instance, they can address leg length discrepancies, which can realign the hip. Addressing alignment problems can then help reduce the likelihood of sore feet. 
  1. Addressing abnormal foot movements — When you walk, your feet can roll inward, and this inward movement is called pronation. Your feet can also roll outward. Medical professionals refer to this movement as supination. Certain people’s feet may roll too far inward or outward as they walk, which can increase the risk of foot pain. Custom orthotics can address excessive pronation or supination and help cut the risk of sore feet. 
  1. Supporting foot arch — Having a proper arch in your foot is vital for foot alignment. Unfortunately, your arches can collapse as a result of natural wear and tear or issues like plantar fasciitis. Custom orthotics are designed to provide the precise level of arch support that you need. One potential benefit of this individualized support is decreased chances of foot pain.

Wondering how to get custom orthotics to help your sore feet? Biocorrect can help

At Biocorrect, our certified pedorthists are ready and willing to help you figure out how to help you sore feet. We can evaluate your entire lower body and how you walk to pinpoint the issue that’s causing your pain. 

Our specialists can also take a foam impression of your feet, and we can use this impression as a platform to build the orthotics that meet your specific needs. 

Learn more about our products when you visit our online store today, or contact us to schedule your comprehensive evaluation.