Three reasons to be concerned about low instep height

Biocorrect, LLC


Many people may not be overly concerned about having low instep height, but this seemingly innocuous foot feature can be far more of an issue than you might guess. You may even find yourself looking for ways to address low instep height, such as custom orthotics. 

Why you should be concerned about low instep height

If you look at the instep, or inner side, of your foot, you should see a significant curve in the bottom of your foot. This curved area is known as the arch of your foot. The foot arch is important for many reasons. It acts like a spring that helps your foot absorb impact as it hits the ground, and it also plays a role in staying balanced while you’re walking or running. People with low instep height may be developing a condition called adult acquired flatfoot. This should concern people for several reasons, including: 

  1. Flat feet don’t absorb shock as well — Remember when we said the foot arch was like a shock-absorbing spring? Well, its ability to absorb shock is significantly less when you have lower arches. This also means that more strain gets placed on other foot structures. In turn, this can leave your feet feeling tired and sore. It can also lead to issues like plantar fasciitis over time. 
  1. Low arches lead to foot pronation — Lower arches can also lead to an issue called pronation. This is when your feet and ankles roll inward when you move. The lower your arch height, the more your foot is likely to pronate as you walk or run. Pronation can lead to its own set of painful issues, including a higher risk of ankle sprains. 
  1. Flat feet can be the first link in a chain of lower body pain — The movement issues that low arches often cause can also affect every joint in your lower body. The movement of your hips, knees and ankles can all be thrown off by this foot issue. As a result, each of these joints could develop painful problems that are all rooted in your flat feet. 

Take steps to address low instep height at Biocorrect

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