What is a stone bruise and how can custom orthotics help it?

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While the term “stone bruise” may sound puzzling, it simply refers to pain at the ball or bottom of your foot. If you have a stone bruise, you may feel like you are stepping on a stone or pebble with every step forward. In general, stone bruise pain can feel sharp while walking or dull and achy while off your feet. 

You may have noticed that your symptoms started after you stepped on a hard object. Or your symptoms may have started after you finished a long period of high-impact activity, like running on rocky terrain

If you feel that you constantly have a stone at the bottom of your shoe, it may indicate that you injured a tendon, ligament or bone in your foot. If your pain lasts days after your injury, it;s be important to reach out to a medical professional and have your foot examined. 

In the meantime, resting and icing your foot can address your symptoms. In addition, custom orthotics can help ease your pain while walking and help you regain confidence in your step. 

How can custom orthotics address your stone bruise?

Custom orthotics offer a variety of benefits for many foot conditions. When you have a stone bruise, you may need custom orthotics to ease your daily pain and let your body naturally reduce its inflammation. Custom orthotics can offer the following benefits to help you recover from pain at the sole of your foot quickly and safely: 

  • Custom orthotics align your foot.

    You may want to avoid placing pressure on your bruised foot. However, this may make you overuse your other foot for support, which can cause your hips, knees, and ankles to become strained due to overuse and misalignment. A custom orthotic can keep your foot in place and align your legs while you walk with stone bruise pain. As a result, you can allow your bruise to heal with minimal discomfort. 
  • Custom orthotics distribute weight and pressure.

    Your stone bruise pain is most likely localized to one area of your foot. It can worsen if you rely on that spot while walking. Custom orthotics can make sure that the tender area of your foot isn’t forced to deal with the majority of your weight while you walk. The orthotic can evenly distribute pressure across your foot so that extra weight doesn’t lead to increased inflammation. 
  • Custom orthotics provide extra cushioning.

    When every step feels like a jab of pain, you want to make sure your movements are cushioned to the best of your ability. Custom orthotics can provide ample cushioning and absorb shock so that your foot doesn’t have to make contact with hard surfaces. 

Biocorrect can help you ease your stone bruise symptoms

Dealing with a stone bruise can be frustrating and time consuming. Our team of experts at custom orthotics can evaluate your needs and design an insole that protects the ball of your foot from further injury. Contact us to learn more about the orthotics we offer or to set up an initial evaluation with one of our certified pedorthists.