3 reasons why your ankles hurt when you run that custom orthotics can address

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Your ankle is a powerhouse, capable of handling up to 13 times your body weight while running. But so much force over a long period of time can stress any and all of its 26 individual bones. 

If your ankle hurts when you run, it may be because your body is telling you that you are overusing your joint and need to better protect it. Custom orthotics can help prioritize your ankle health, especially if you’re a dedicated runner. 

3 reasons why your ankles hurt when you run 

While you want to constantly improve your performance as a runner, it can be difficult when ankle pain is setting you back. The following reasons may be connected to why your ankle hurts while running: 

  • Lower body misalignment — When you’re engaging in a high-impact activity like running, you are placing immense pressure on your joints. As a result, your hips, knees, and ankles can be easily pushed into misalignment and lead to aching pain when you’re finished. To avoid hip, knee and ankle pain during your run, you should make sure that your foot is properly aligned within your shoe. Custom orthotics can help keep your feet in place while you run so that your ankles aren’t overly stressed.

  • Ankle instability — It can be easy for your heel and ankle to become unstable while running. Poor arch support or too-big shoes can make your ankle feel weak and wobbly, increasing your risk of injury. For example, you can roll or twist your ankle easily if your heel isn’t stabilized in your shoe. Custom orthotics are molded to your feet so that they feel stable while running, decreasing your chance of ankle strain or stress that often leads to pain.

  • Poor cushioning — When you run, your joints slam against the ground to propel you forward. It is crucial that your joints have the right amount of cushioning to absorb this kind of shock. If they don’t, you could be stressing the bones in your joints, including your ankle, to the point of creating a stress fracture. Cushioning can help protect your ankle from high amounts of shock and decrease the severity and frequency of your ankle pain while running. 

  • Biocorrect can help you address why your ankle hurts while running

    When you run, your ankles endure an immense amount of pressure. If your ankle hurts during your running routine, you may be putting too much stress on your joints. Our team of experts at Biocorrect can mold insoles that are tailored to your running needs. Contact us to learn more about the orthotics we offer or to set up an initial evaluation with one of our certified pedorthists.