3 ways custom orthotics can supercharge foot surgery recovery

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After surgery, your foot’s structure can change. So can its needs. Custom orthotics, curated specifically for your feet, might fast-track your post-surgical recovery so that you are up and running sooner rather than later.

What are the most common foot surgeries? 

Surgery isn’t a first-line treatment, but when you’ve tried other remedies and still have chronic foot pain, your doctor may recommend surgery as a solution. If you’re considering foot surgery, you’re not alone. A recent study reported that the number of annual foot and ankle surgeries has been steadily increasing. Some of the most common foot surgeries include:

  • Flat feet surgery This procedure corrects low arch bones that cause discomfort when walking or engaging in other activities. Essentially, the surgery restructures the shape of your foot so that your weight is more comfortably supported. Recovery time ranges between six and 12 weeks.
  • Plantar fasciitis surgery This procedure treats plantar fasciitis, a condition in which the ligament connecting the heel to the toes is chronically inflamed. Plantar fasciitis is one of the leading causes of heel pain. Two types of surgeries address the condition. Open surgery requires general anesthesia, and recovery time can range from six to 10 weeks. Recovery from endoscopic surgery, which requires two simple incisions to release the plantar fascia, can take three to six weeks.
  • Bunion surgery Bunion surgery reduces pain and removes the growth caused by a bunion. A bunion is the enlargement of bone or tissue around a joint. You may need to wear a brace after surgery for six to eight weeks, and your doctor might discourage you from wearing narrow shoes like high heels for up to six months after surgery.  

If your doctor has recommended surgery, custom orthotics combined with physical therapy can supercharge your recovery process.

How can custom orthotics fast-track recovery? 

Recovery times after foot surgeries can vary, depending on the severity of your condition. Most recoveries can take between three to four months to resolve, while more complex surgeries can take up to a year. Custom orthotics can ease post-surgical symptoms and decrease recovery time by:

  • Balancing your alignment — Foot surgery can lead to asymmetry in foot alignment. Custom orthotics can give your feet, knees and hips the support they need to return to their healthy positions. When the lower body is properly aligned, healing after surgery can become a faster and easier process.
  • Stabilizing your healing foot — Custom orthotics can stabilize your foot after surgery, reducing pain and increasing your confidence when moving. Orthotics can also reduce your risk of developing chronic ankle instability, which can make you feel like the outside of your ankle is “giving way.”
  • Preventing injuries while healing — Your foot can heal better when it is not under constant stress. Custom orthotics can help relieve pressure while walking after surgery. Safe and cushioned movement can help strengthen your healing foot over time. 

Biocorrect has the perfect custom orthotics to help you heal faster

Are you looking for custom shoe inserts that can help you heal safely and comfortably after surgery? Our Biocorrect team is proud to offer products tailored to your feet. Certified pedorthists design all our custom orthotics, which are based on:

  • The results of a one-on-one foot and gait evaluation. 
  • A custom foam mold of your feet.

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