Can custom orthotics prevent knee pain after hiking?

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Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. However, hiking does have its drawbacks, as it can cause knee pain, especially for beginners who hike for hours without taking a break. If you're a serious hiker, you may be long past the days of taking short day trips and are now into weekend backpacking or even longer trips.


Even if you're an experienced hiker, you can still suffer from knee pain. Here are common causes of knee pain when hiking:


  • Inadequate footwear.
  • Poor form.
  • Unhealed injury.


The excellent news is that knee pain after hiking can be reduced or averted using custom orthotics.


3 ways custom orthotics help knee pain after hiking


Custom orthotics are a great way to help your knees after a long hike. Here are three ways they can help:


  1. Reduced stress on joints — When you hike, you put a lot of pressure on your feet and joints. Your knees take the biggest hit, especially on rocky or uneven terrain. Custom orthotics help reduce this pressure on your feet and joints.
  2. Better alignment — Orthotics can help correct your alignment; this decreases the stress placed on your knees while you walk, so you can look forward to a day of hiking.
  3. Shock absorption — A pair of custom orthotics can give you the support you need to hike with less stress on your feet and knees. They can also help keep you more comfortable by providing shock absorption that reduces joint pain.


Reduce knee pain after hiking with Biocorrect custom orthotics


Need help addressing knee pain after hiking? Our team at Biocorrect is primed to help you manage your problems. We can start by analyzing your feet and your entire lower body. This can help us pinpoint misalignments and other gait problems. Our specialists will then take a foam impression of your feet. Next, this impression is used to construct your custom orthotics.


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