4 ways custom orthotics can help foot arch pain that’s not caused by plantar fasciitis

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Like the architectural feature for which it’s named, the arch of your foot is designed to hold things up. In this case, those things aren’t buildings but the bottoms of your feet. However, foot arches can become painful much like building arches may start to crumble over time. 

The odds are good that if you heard someone say, “Foot arch pain,” you might think, “I have plantar fasciitis.” Yet out of the 42% of the adult population that develops foot pain, there are many who don’t have plantar fasciitis. They develop other issues. Let’s take a brief look at some of the issues that lead to foot arch pain that are not plantar fasciitis and how custom orthotics can address these issues.

What is causing your foot arch pain if it’s not plantar fasciitis? 

This is a question you’re likely asking yourself. So, let’s see if we can shed some light on what can cause foot arch pain that’s not plantar fasciitis. A few of the other conditions that could be causing your pain are: 

  • High arches (cavus foot).
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD).
  • Overpronation. 
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome.
  • Flat feet (collapsed arches).

How can custom orthotics help foot arch pain that’s not caused by plantar fasciitis?

Custom orthotics can benefit people with many foot and lower extremity issues. That includes people who have foot arch pain but don’t have plantar fasciitis. A few of the benefits that custom orthotics can offer this group of people include: 

  1. Improving support — Custom orthotics are designed to provide the specific level of support that your feet require. This can help reduce strain on the foot ball, foot arch and heel. 
  1. Increasing stability — An unstable heel or forefoot can make things harder on your foot arch. A pair of custom orthotics can be created to help stabilize unstable parts of your foot. In turn, the increased stability can do wonders for your arches. 
  1. Addressing overpronation — A foot that rolls too far inward, or overpronates, as you walk is more likely to become painful. Overpronation can also lead to a higher likelihood of ankle sprains and foot arch pain among other things. Custom orthotics can help reduce the inward rolling of your foot as you move. 
  1. Addressing supination — Supination is the exact opposite of overpronation. It occurs when your foot rolls outward a lot as you move. This can also lead to increased foot arch strain and lead to pain. Helping to address supination is a task that custom orthotics can help with. 

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