Three foot alignment issues you can address by adding custom orthotics to your shoes

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Most of us go through our day without thinking much about how our feet are positioned when we walk. Why should we? The answer is simple: Poor foot alignment can be a common source of foot pain. Fortunately, adding custom orthotics to your shoes can help address foot alignment issues and their symptoms. 

Address three common foot alignment issues by adding custom orthotics to your shoes

Custom orthotics can be added to your shoes for many different reasons. Seeking to address foot or ankle alignment issues is definitely one of these reasons, and you should address such issues as soon as you notice their signs. Many people find custom orthotics beneficial for alignment problems like: 

  1. Overpronation — Normally, your weight should fall evenly across your entire foot. This isn’t the case for people with overpronation. Overpronation occurs when an underlying issue causes your foot to tilt inward. Injuries and obesity are two common causes of overpronation, and this alignment issue often leads to pain in the arch or heel. 
  1. Oversupination — What is it called if your foot tilts outward? This alignment issue is called oversupination, and it is also called underpronation. People who develop this issue tend to develop pain in the heels or balls of their feet. Oversupination tends to be the result of foot injuries or overuse. 
  1. High or low arches — Your feet can be misaligned to one side or the other. They can also be misaligned from top to bottom. Vertical misalignments are typically rooted in an issue with the arches of the feet. If you’ve been told that you have cavus feet, then you have high arches. Those who have been diagnosed with flatfeet have low arches. 

Biocorrect offers custom orthotics you can add to your shoes to address foot alignment issues

Ready to find custom orthotics that you can add to your shoes to address a foot alignment problem? Our team at Biocorrect is primed to help you find the right custom orthotics for you. We’ll start by doing an exhaustive examination of your feet, legs and how you walk. This helps us see what type of alignment issue you’re dealing with, and to help us remember, we’ll take a custom foam mold of your feet. Our orthotics specialists will then use your mold and evaluation data to create custom orthotics intended to help: 

  • Realignyour feet. 
  • Reduce foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. 
  • Stabilize your heels and arches. 
  • Compensate for leg length differences. 

Visit our online store today to research our full product line, hear from satisfied customers and order the custom foot orthotic solution that fits your needs.