Why should I consider custom orthotics for my high arches?

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Having high arches, or cavus feet as podiatrists call them, can be very painful. This condition may not be as well known to you as flatfeet, but there are plenty of people out there who have it. 

One population study reports that 10% of participants had cavus feet. People with diabetes may also have a higher risk of developing this condition. This is supported by a cavus foot study that identified this condition in 25% of diabetic male participants. If you do have high arches, you should seriously consider addressing them with custom orthotics. 

Three reasons to consider custom orthotics for your high arches

Custom orthotics are a useful and well-known way to address many foot problems. However, many people might think that the only foot arch problems they can help with are plantar fasciitis or flatfeet. That’s not entirely accurate. There are many reasons that custom orthotics should be considered as a treatment option for high arches. Some of these reasons are: 

  1. They act as stabilizers — Having cavus feet often leads to a problem with foot or ankle stability. This lack of stability means that other structures in your feet and legs have to work harder when you move around. They even have to work harder when you’re just standing still. All this extra hard work can increase your risk of developing a soft tissue injury or condition in addition to your cavus feet. One cavus foot study found that custom orthotics helped boost foot function scores by as much as 12 points. 
  1. They can act as pain slashers — Custom orthotics also have an effective track record of helping reduce cavus foot pain. A medical study on one group of cavus foot sufferers reports that custom orthotics led to an up to 15-point pain score improvement in some participants. A major reason for this pain reduction is that custom orthotics helped reduce arch pressure. 
  1. They can help you sidestep other foot problems — There is a laundry list of problems that having cavus feet can lead to, such as: 

Custom orthotics offer support that can help people avoid adding other issues to their high arches. 

Find custom orthotics to address your high arches at Biocorrect

Keen to find custom orthotics that can help your high arches? Biocorrect’s certified pedorthists are just as keen to help you get the custom orthotics you’re looking for. They can take an in-depth look at how you walk and do a physical assessment of your feet and legs. Doing so will help them determine how much cavus foot is affecting you. Our pedorthists will also take a foam impression of your feet so that they can match your custom orthotics to your arches. 

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