Can custom orthotics help if my feet hurt all the time?

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Many people develop aching feet after a long walk or hike. Standing on your feet all day can bring on foot aches, too. However, the aches and pains tend to go away after a little rest. Unfortunately, there are some people whose feet hurt like this all the time. 

Don’t think you’re at risk of having your feet hurt all the time? Medical studies tend to disagree with you. One 2018 foot pain study found that nearly 40% of those surveyed had moderate to severe foot pain. Fortunately, there are steps you can take if your feet are hurting all the time, and one of the most effective is to get custom orthotics. 

Why choose custom orthotics if your feet hurt all the time? 

You likely don’t want to continue on with your feet hurting all the time. If they do, so many of your normal daily activities will continue to be more difficult and painful than they need to be. But, of all the potential treatment options out there, why choose custom orthotics to address your pain? Here are four reasons: 

  1. They offer arch support — Many cases of foot pain begin and end with the arch of your foot and the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a soft tissue structure that runs along the whole arch of your foot. When it becomes irritated or damaged, people develop a painful condition called plantar fasciitis. Custom orthotics can help provide the exact level of support that your arches need. The added support can also help reduce the strain on your overworked plantar fascia, which can help reduce your pain. 
  1. They can help stabilize your heel — Think about how much harder your foot soft tissue has to work if your heel is wobbly. The overworked tissue is a common source of foot discomfort. A fully customized orthotic can help stabilize your heel, which can help reduce the pain of overworked soft tissue.
  1. They can realign your foot and joints — Many people blame activities like walking or running for causing their foot or joint pain. It’s true that these activities can overstress leg or foot structures and trigger pain. However, it’s equally true that there is often a foot issue at the root of movement-related foot and leg pain. Foot alignment issues like overpronation and oversupination are a few examples. Custom orthotics can be designed to adjust your feet so that they are better aligned while you’re walking or running. As a result, these products offer a way to address alignment-related pain. 
  1. They are prescribed and created by medical specialists — Prescriptions aren’t necessarily required for custom orthotics. Yet there are plenty of podiatrists who do prescribe them. Also, the most effective custom orthotics are created by medical professionals known as certified pedorthists. These specialists are specifically trained to design, build and modify custom orthotics. 

Find custom orthotics that can help stop your feet from hurting all the time at Biocorrect

Fed up with having your feet hurt all the time? Our Biocorrect team understands completely. We’ve worked with many people to address chronic and acute foot pain. Typically, our team starts by doing a comprehensive evaluation of your feet, legs and how you walk. Then, we use a foam mold to capture a custom snapshot of your feet, and we use it to build you orthotics that are truly customized to your needs. 

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