Four signs you have ankle alignment issues that need correction

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Lower body alignment is a crucial part of proper biomechanics. Our musculoskeletal system represents a highly interconnected kinetic chain, with each movement you make pushing or pulling on the next part of the chain. The ankles are one of the most important parts of this chain, connecting the feet to the lower legs. 

By allowing the feet to rotate, flex and extend, the ankles make all of our basic movements possible, while also bearing a tremendous load with each step. If the ankles become misaligned, however, it can transfer excessive amounts of this load up to the legs or down to the feet. No one has perfect alignment in any part of their body, including the ankles, but there are cases where it can contribute to injury. 

To help you better understand some of the warning signs to watch out for, and how options like orthotic insoles can help, please take a look at the following information. 

Warning signs for ankle alignment correction

Here are some key indicators that you should seek out correction for ankle misalignment: 

  1. Your ankles are frequently sore or stiff — This is obvious, but sore ankles after spending time on your feet without another apparent cause means you have an issue that is putting extra stress on them. 
  2. You’ve experienced Achilles tendinitis — The Achilles tendon connects the calf to the foot and travels through the ankle. Misalignments here and in the feet can put excessive strain on them, causing pain and inflammation. 
  3. You’ve experienced plantar fasciitis — This is an injury caused by disruption of soft tissue on the bottom of the foot. Once again, ankle misalignment can play a role by pulling excessively on the foot muscles. 
  4. You also have knee pain — Problems in the ankles and feet can travel their way up the legs to the knees. If ankle misalignments are making you change your gait, it can lead to compensatory injuries in other areas, including the knees. 

If you’re experiencing one or more of these issues, you should look into potential solutions for ankle alignment correction. 

How custom foot orthotics can address ankle misalignments

Since the ankles are right next to the feet, and the feet are the origin point for much of our lower body motion, properly aligned ankles and feet are closely related. This is why Biocorrect custom foot orthotics can help promote proper biomechanics in the feet, in the ankles and throughout the lower body. 

We can take an impression of your feet, perform movement tests and create a 3D model of your foot that we use to create fully custom orthotics that are just right for your biomechanics. If you don’t live near our center, we’ll be happy to send you a moldable foam impression kit that will provide us with all the data we need to handcraft your fully custom orthotics. We also have a full line of ready-made and semi-custom options for every need and budget. 

Check out our online store to learn more and order the solution that’s right for you today.