How to stop foot pain from standing all day: 5 ways custom orthotics can help

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If you’re experiencing foot pain from standing all day, custom orthotics are likely a good idea for you. There are several research-backed benefits associated with custom orthotics. Interested in learning about these specific benefits? Take a look at some of the bulleted points below.

What are some of the ways that custom orthotics can help address foot pain from standing all day?

  • Decrease pressure and stress — One of the first benefits of custom orthotics is they decrease pressure on certain areas of the feet.  By distributing body weight evenly throughout the feet, it minimizes extra stress on them. 
  • Reduce pain in the feet — When the pressure and stress in the feet are decreased, the pain often decreases as a result. Custom orthotics can help reduce foot pain if you find yourself standing for several hours a day.
  • Provide added support — Custom orthotics can provide support to any weak areas of the foot that may cause pain or discomfort. They’re designed to take into account your unique foot structure and how your weight is distributed throughout your feet. 
  • Improve function in the feet — Custom orthotics can improve function in the feet. When support is provided to areas of weakness and pain is improved, the feet are better able to function, enabling you to stand for long periods of time more comfortably or use your feet for walking long distances.
  • Support ankle, knee and back health — Not only can custom orthotics help stop foot pain from standing all day, but they can also support the ankles, knees and back. The health of these can be affected by foot issues, which is why getting custom orthopedic inserts for foot pain is so important.

Biocorrect wants to help stop your foot pain 

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