Can bad shoes cause back pain?

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Back pain is a common issue that many people experience at some point in their lives. Several factors can contribute, like posture, injury and medical conditions. One factor that is often overlooked, however, is the shoes you wear. Some shoes and shoe inserts can decrease back pain and promote wellness. Other shoes, though, can actually cause issues. When it comes to foot pain, consulting with a medical professional is highly recommended.

How poor shoes affect your back

Your shoes play a crucial role in maintaining the posture and alignment of your body. If your shoes are worn out or fit poorly, it can negatively impact your gait, or the way you walk. This can put stress on your spine, leading to back pain. Here are some specific ways that bad shoes can cause back pain:

  • Tight shoes — Shoes that are too tight can squeeze your toes into the ball of your foot. Discomfort in the ball of your foot is a biomechanical issue that can lead to pain in the rest of your leg and in your lower back.

  • High heels — Heels shift your center of gravity, which may hurt your posture. To compensate, you may arch your lower back when you wear high heels, which can lead to back pain.

  • Shoes with inadequate support — Even commonly worn shoes, such as tennis shoes, can cause back pain without adequate support. Some shoes can cause over-pronation, which is associated with foot disorders.

  • Overall, it is important to wear shoes that fit your feet well and provide the support you need. Sometimes, though, shoes that conform to the specific needs of your feet are difficult to find. Even well-fitting orthotic insoles can be hard to find. This is why custom orthotics, which are easily slipped into the shoes you normally wear, can help.

    Biocorrect custom orthotics can help alleviate back pain caused by bad shoes

    Biocorrect custom orthotics are made with the unique shape of your foot in mind, so they can relieve the areas of your foot that may be causing your back pain. Orthotics help by redistributing pressure and improving alignment through personalized support. In this way, they can help address back pain caused by wearing bad shoes.

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