Can flat shoes cause knee pain?

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Flat shoes are often marketed as comfortable and healthy for your feet. However, they can cause health issues over time. For some people, wearing flat shoes can lead to knee pain. Custom orthotic insoles can help address this pain, though it is still important to wear the right shoes with your orthotics.

How flat shoes can cause knee pain

  • Hard soles — Flat shoes with hard soles do not absorb shock well. This can cause the knee joint to compensate and lead to knee pain. Walking on rough or uneven surfaces with hard-soled flat shoes can put additional strain on your body. When taking on rugged terrain, it is important to wear shoes that cushion your feet.

  • Limited support — Flat shoes can cause knee pain by failing to provide balanced support throughout the foot. Because the shoe’s sole is flat, it does not support the arch of each foot. This can put extra pressure on the foot, which can lead to pressure up through the knee. Different feet need support in different areas. The one-shape-fits-all approach of flat shoes does not work for most people. The best footwear for providing support can address the entire structure of the foot to achieve biomechanical balance.

  • No heel lift — Most flat shoes do not have a heel lift. This can apply stress to the back part of the foot and put increased pressure on the knee joint. Shoes with a low heel lift can help distribute weight evenly, reducing this pressure. Too much heel lift can put excess pressure on the toes, so it is important to find a balance. The best shoes will have a moderate heel lift to ensure that your weight is spread evenly on your feet.

  • Biocorrect custom orthotics can help address your knee pain

    Flat shoes can cause knee pain. At Biocorrect, we can help alleviate it. Our custom orthotic insoles are designed to provide personalized support for your foot, and the benefits can spread throughout the body. By reducing pressure at key points on the foot, you can reduce symptoms such as knee pain.

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