How can custom orthotics help the bone spur on top of your foot?

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Bone spurs, also called osteophytes, are painful protrusions that grow on bones and most often appear on feet, hands, knees and, even in some cases, the spine. They typically form on those 60 years of age and older, but can also appear on younger people. They’re usually a result of joint damage and cartilage that has worn down over time. Bone spurs that occur on the tops of feet are particularly painful. Fortunately, custom orthotics may help to address many of the symptoms of bone spurs on top of your feet.

What are the symptoms of bone spurs on top of feet?

  • Pain near the joint damage — These spurs may cause pain around the area of joint damage and decrease quality of life.
  • Nerve damage or pressure — These growths can lead to pinched nerves and in some extreme cases, even nerve damage.
  • Swelling or tearing of tendons — Bone growth can present swelling and possibly damage tendons in the feet and toes.
  • Bumps under skin — The growth may be visible under skin and present itself as a bump under the skin.
  • Restricted or inhibited movement — Bone spurs can limit the range of motion in your feet and toes.

How can custom orthotics help your bone spur symptoms?

Orthotics, like the ones created at our Biocorrect custom foot orthotics lab, are a commonly used treatment option for foot problems. They can also be helpful for bone spur symptoms. The beneficial effects of custom orthotics on bone spurs on the top of feet can include:

  • Fast symptom relief A study about heel spurs showed that the use of orthotic shoe inserts resulted in symptom relief for the study’s participants after just three months of wear.
  • Improved range of motionThe study’s sample patients also reported feeling better range of motion after inserting orthotics into their shoes.
  • Decreased swelling — Patients also reported that using the orthotics helped reduce the swelling in the affected foot.
  • Decreased pressure and pain — Patients found that orthotics helped ease the pressure and pain in their affected foot.

There is no way for the bone growth to be reversed outside of having surgery, but solutions like Biocorrect orthotics help provide better quality of life for those with bone spurs. Those affected by bone spurs who have flat feet or low arches may experience improved symptoms with the use of custom orthotics, which can include structures like our specially made cuboid pads.

Biocorrect custom orthotics can help with your bone spurs

Looking for help with the bone spur on top of your foot? Our Biocorrect custom foot orthotics lab can help you address this need. Our team has considerable experience helping people work toward true foot alignment, and we offer unique solutions for all kinds of conditions.

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