5 benefits that custom orthotics can offer for your bunions

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That bony bump on the outside of your toe. That’s a bunion, which podiatrists would call hallux valgus. It’s estimated that 33% of adults who wear shoes are affected by the pain and other symptoms of bunions, and podiatrists may prescribe custom orthotics for people with bunions. The reason is that custom orthotics can offer bunion sufferers a number of benefits. 

What is a bunion?

A bunion doesn’t typically develop overnight. This foot issue is something that develops progressively over a long period of time. Typically, bunions appear on the outside of your foot near the base of the big toe. The big toe also tends to bend inward toward your other toes. A bunion can lead to symptoms like: 

  • Pain and tenderness at the site of the bunion.
  • Stiffness in the big toe. 
  • Difficulty walking. 

5 benefits that custom orthotics can offer for bunions

There is a reason that 75% of the podiatrists in one survey recommended custom orthotics to treat adult hallux valgus. Custom orthotics can offer a host of benefits for adults with bunions. A few of these benefits include: 

  1. Reducing pain — The big toe misalignment that results from a bunion typically leads to pain. Orthotics that are customized to your feet and condition can help ease this pain. They can do this in several ways. 
  1. Decreasing stress on the toe — The toe affected by a bunion is often strained a lot by walking. Custom orthotics can be designed to reduce the strain on your affected toe. Walking with a bunion often becomes much easier and more comfortable as a result. 
  1. Improving foot support — Each part of your foot is connected to the others. For instance, instability in the ball of the foot or the arch of the foot can cause bunion symptoms to get worse. Bunions can even progress faster in unstable feet. Custom orthotics are intended to help boost arch and forefoot support. In turn, the increased support can have a positive impact on your bunion symptoms. 
  1. Boosting big toe mobility — Big toe stiffness is a common bunion symptom. A pair of custom orthotics can help reduce stress on your big toe. This unloading of the big toe joints can then encourage the big toe to move normally. 
  1. Slowing bunion progress — Custom orthotics cannot cure a bunion. However, they can help slow the progression of this foot condition. This benefit can be especially helpful for people who have to wait months for bunion surgery. It’s also a great benefit for those who want or need to delay surgery for as long as possible. 

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