Foot pain during pregnancy: Why you have it and how custom orthotics can address it

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Are you dealing with constant pain in your feet during your pregnancy? Approximately 1 in 4 people are affected by foot pain in their lifetimes, and pregnancy often increases these odds. Pregnancy is also linked to lasting changes in foot structure. Foot pain is often one of the most significant indicators of changes in foot structure and can often benefit from custom orthotics.

Why do pregnant women often experience foot pain?

  • Swelling Swelling of the feet (edema) is usually caused by the pooling of fluid in foot and ankle tissue. Foot edema can typically occur during pregnancy as a result of a woman’s normal increase in weight. Pregnant women also tend to have an increased risk of fluid retention. In either case, the edema can lead to foot pain.
  • Arch fatigue and overpronation Arch fatigue and overpronation are major causes of foot pain in pregnant women. These issues can result from added stress to the plantar fascia ligament. According to one study, most pregnant women experience a diminished foot arch between the first and third trimesters of their term. The study also reported increased pain levels in women with flat feet.

How do custom orthotics address pain in the feet?

  • Improving quality of life Biocorrect custom orthotics are designed to provide the most comfort for your feet and relieve pressure from swelling.

Biocorrect orthotics can help with your pregnancy foot pain

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