3 reasons you should use custom orthotics to address foot pain from playing sports

Biocorrect, LLC


According to one study, approximately 77% of Americans experience pain in their feet. This pain often follows damage to bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and more. The risk of damage or injury is higher when engaging in physical activity. As a result, sports injuries are often the cause of many people’s foot pain. Custom orthotics, like the ones specially crafted at Biocorrect, are made with this in mind.

How can custom orthotics address foot pain from playing sports?

  • Molded to your feet — Biocorrect orthotic impressions are made from foam. At Biocorrect, we believe in customizing orthotics so that they best fit you and your individual needs. That all starts with the custom foam impressions our pedorthists make during an initial appointment. These foam impressions allow our team to build orthotics that are custom-molded to your feet. Custom molding is part of what allows our products to offer benefits like a snug, more protective fit and helping to prevent injury.
  • Better shock absorption — Playing sports can be tough on your feet. The running, jumping and other movements involved in sports can be hard on your feet — especially if your shoes aren’t properly absorbing the shock of these movements. This is why Biocorrect’s custom orthotics are made to provide better shock absorption for feet than standard footwear inserts. This ability can potentially lessen pain in the feet.

Biocorrect custom orthotics can help with your sports-related foot pain

Need help minimizing pain in your feet? You can find help from our dedicated team at Biocorrect custom foot orthotics lab. Our team has considerable experience helping people work toward true foot alignment, and we offer unique solutions for all kinds of people.

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