Do orthotics help back pain?

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The feet and the back are a long way apart, but they are connected through the body’s many systems. With the muscular and skeletal systems, movement is accomplished by different components moving together in very specific ways. With each step, the feet alone perform hundreds of precisely balanced movements that push and pull on the legs, hips and even the back. 

If everything is properly balanced and aligned, then the body can perform healthy movements and generally stay injury free. Unfortunately for many of us, it is very easy for our bodies to become misaligned. In the lower body, this can be due to a number of issues, from having naturally high or low arches to injuries to age-related conditions like arthritis. If there is a condition affecting normal biomechanics, it can cause a chain reaction that leads all the way to the hips and buttocks, which in turn can potentially put excess strain on the back. 

How can orthotics relieve back pain? 

Any instance of back pain that persists for more than a few days should be taken very seriously, as it may be related to a spine condition or other injury. A qualified medical professional can help you diagnose and treat your back pain. In cases where it is deemed to be related to a biomechanical issue with the feet, orthotic insoles are a common recommendation. 

By addressing issues like overpronation, which is excessive lateral rotation of the feet, orthotics can help to reduce stress and compensatory injuries throughout the lower body, potentially even cases of back pain. 

Although many people may first turn to mass market over-the-counter insoles, these products aren’t designed for durability or the promotion of natural body mechanics. If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of custom orthotics that can address back pain, Biocorrect offers a value-minded solution that does not sacrifice quality. 

The Biocorrect advantage

Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab has a mission to help people from all backgrounds, from retirees to elite athletes, find relief from lower body issues including foot pain, knee pain, hip pain and back pain. We have a wide range of solutions for every lifestyle and budget with custom orthotics as well as semi-custom and ready-made orthotic insoles. We’re proud to have a long list of satisfied customers. Here’s what just one of them had to say:

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— Kathy S. 

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