Foot arch support — What do insoles do?

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In the feet, the arches are structures made from bone and soft tissue that help to support us as we stand and stabilize the foot as we perform basic movements like walking, running or jumping. Because of this, the arches are put under tremendous pressure on a day-to-day basis. In some cases, people have structural irregularities that make their arches less able to withstand this strain. For example, people can have abnormally high or low arches, which can affect the foot’s ability to rotate properly and can cause uneven distribution of energy throughout the foot. This can make the development of certain injuries more likely, including heel pain, ankle pain and even knee pain. 

Orthotic insoles can address this by providing increased support for the arches. However, to get the most benefit, insoles should be made from high grade materials for durability and be designed to the measurements of the wearer’s foot, particularly their arches. 

How can custom orthotic insoles provide enhanced arch support?

Custom orthotic insoles are typically made by taking an impression of the feet that is used to create a functional model. Being fitted for orthotics can also often involve movement tests to analyze gait, posture and basic mechanics. Custom foot arch support can offer the following benefits: 

  • Promotes natural movement 
  • Decreases issues like pronation and supination
  • Increased comfort for long periods of time spent on the feet
  • Helps the arches perform their natural role of shock absorbers

At Biocorrect Custom Orthotics Foot Orthotics Lab, we craft insoles that provide arch support designed to address the underlying causes of foot pain and other lower body issues. 

High-quality custom foot orthotics from Biocorrect

If you’re looking for increased arch support to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, have a more comfortable day at work or address injuries that affect the lower musculoskeletal system, Biocorrect wants to help. We offer fully custom orthotics that are backed by more than 25 years of expertise in addressing issues affecting the lower body. In addition to offering fittings at our center, we’re also happy to send out a moldable foam at-home impression kit that will give us all the information we need to create a custom insole that crafted to the exact dimensions of your feet. 

Don’t wait another day to find the comfort and support you deserve, visit our online collection to order your pair of Biocorrect orthotic insoles today.