Why foot orthotics are so often recommended for back pain and hip pain

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It’s surprising, but problems in the feet can contribute to issues like back and hip pain. The reason for this lies in the body’s kinetic chain. This term describes the highly interconnected nature of the body’s musculoskeletal system. To facilitate movement, all of the muscles, tendons and other connective tissue in the body pull on each other and carefully rotate, bend and flex. 

These movements have to be precisely balanced for smooth and efficient motion to take place. Otherwise, if one part becomes misaligned or a muscle imbalance develops, it can cause increased stress to the rest of the chain, increasing the risk for injury. 

This is how a foot problem can travel all the way up the kinetic chain and lead to problems like hip pain and back pain. It’s important to note that hip pain and back pain are highly complex issues that require diagnosis and treatment from a qualified medical professional. Among other forms of treatment, foot orthotics can be a commonly recommended option to attempt. 

How can foot orthotics help back pain and hip pain

To accomplish tasks like walking, running or just standing, the feet perform a combination of flexing, pushing and rotating. One particular misalignment that can lead to problems in the lower body is a tendency to overpronate. 

Pronation is a natural foot movement where the foot rotates inward while we move. This allows us to push off the ball of our feet and propel us forward. Overpronation is when the feet rotate too far inward, which forces our legs to exert more energy than necessary to move. In response this means our hips and back have to work harder to move the body forward as well, leading to increased strain and the potential for painful injuries. 

Foot orthotics can help promote better foot alignment and natural movement in the following ways:

  • Increased arch support to help with issues like high or low arches
  • Heel cushioning to absorb shock and potentially help with problems like plantar fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis 
  • Forefoot support and cushioning to promote natural toe movement

While the right pair of foot orthotics cannot cure or correct hip or back pain, a large number of wearers do report finding meaningful relief from everyday use. 

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