Could orthotics be causing your knee pain?

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Foot pain and knee pain are often related. This is because misalignments and mechanical problems in the feet can increase the stress on other lower body joints, such as the knees. This in turn can contribute to the development of injuries, such as ligament sprains and muscle strains. 

For many, one of the first solutions attempted are over-the-counter insoles, the kind you buy at a drugstore or sporting goods store. While these may provide temporary relief in some cases, patients will often notice that foot pain returns after a relatively short period of time. If this is also accompanied by increased knee pain, or even a new instance of knee pain, it can be very easy to wonder if the use of generic insoles is connected. 

The answer to this question is complicated, and only a qualified medical professional can answer it in an individual situation. However, by better understanding how higher-quality orthotics can address the underlying causes of lower body pain, you can work on a more informed basis to find the relief you deserve. 

How can custom orthotics address knee pain?

If you’re concerned about the connection between foot pain and knee pain, custom orthotics can help. At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we provide solutions that are backed by 25 years of expertise in addressing biomechanical issues that affect the lower body. We craft our orthotics to promote natural foot movement, which not only helps to relieve problems in the feet, but can improve mechanics and alignment all the way up the kinetic chain. 

While no pair of orthotics is a “cure” for knee pain, and you should always take the proper steps for treatment,  the right ones can take many of the injury-causing stresses of the knees. Knee issues that our range of orthotics can help with include: 

  • IT band syndrome
  • Runner’s knee
  • ACL and MCL strains 

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Our experts craft fully custom, semi-custom and ready-made orthotics that are made from top-grade materials and are designed to provide long-lasting comfort and relief throughout the lower body. 

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