Three types of people who use orthotics for knee pain

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Knee pain can develop for a large number of reasons, and there are many effective treatment options. If you’re dealing with serious knee pain that has not improved in a short period of time, it’s essential to see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Being proactive about your care can not only help you find relief, but it can also prevent the need for more intensive treatments, up to and including surgery. 

For many knee pain sufferers, misalignments in the feet can actually play a role in the development of lower body problems, including knee issues. In these cases, orthotic insoles can be a highly effective part of a larger treatment program. 

While orthotics can help people from all walks of life, there are people in certain lines of work and who pursue certain activities who can benefit the most from them. 

Knee pain is common for the following types of people

Here are some common types of people who often turn to orthotics for lasting relief: 

  1. Athletes — Athletes, from students to elite athletes, all put intense stress on their joints. This means that with each step, a misalignment in the foot can cause additional problems with the knee. 
  2. People with physical jobs — Any job that involves a lot of walking can be a knee pain contributor due to repetitive foot motion. 
  3. Retirees — Active retirees have to deal with degenerative conditions, such as arthritis. While nonreversible, these conditions can be helped with the additional cushioning and natural foot mechanics that orthotics can provide. 

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