How to find the best insoles for knee pain

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Did you know foot pain and knee pain can be related? Although they are separate parts of the body, the feet and the knees are closely connected in the body’s kinetic chain. The muscles and tendons that control any particular extremity or joint don’t move independently, instead they require a chain of coordinated movement that starts in one place and travels to another. The foot muscles need to be activated by the calf muscles which need to be activated by the upper leg muscles and so on.

What this means from an injury standpoint is that a muscle imbalance or a change in your normal biomechanics can result in excess strain being placed on another part of the kinetic chain. For instance, if you are prone to foot pain, you may find yourself altering your gait. This is especially true if you are on your feet for long periods of time or are engaging in physical activity like running or tennis. As you change your normal mechanics to take pressure off a painful area in your foot, it can put added pressure on another area, including your knees.

What to look for in an orthotic insole

If you are dealing with knee pain and are unsure of the cause, see a qualified medical professional such as a doctor or physical therapist. In addition to standard treatments like gentle stretching, physical therapy exercises, rest, ice, heat, compression and elevation, orthotic insoles may be recommended.

There can be an overwhelming assortment of shoe inserts available, making it difficult to know what is best for you and your knee pain. Many people start with over-the-counter insoles, which can be an effective option for those with a standard foot shape and no major biomechanical issues.

Custom orthotic insoles are best for people who require a more tailored solution if over-the-counter products do not provide a proper fit and sufficient support and comfort. Advantages of custom orthotics include:

  • More durable materials
  • Made to the exact specifications of the foot
  • Able to provide enhanced support and promote a more natural foot motion

While custom orthotics have traditionally required a visit to a health care professional, , advances in technology have made it possible for orthotics to be ordered and fitted from home.

Biocorrect provides a full range of orthotic solutions

Biocorrect Orthotics Lab offers fully custom, semi-custom and over-the-counter insoles that are all backed by over 25 years of expertise and experience addressing biomechanical issues from the foot to the knee and beyond.  

In addition to in-person appointments, we’re proud to offer custom orthotics that can be ordered and fitted right from your home with a foam impression kit. When you place an order, we’ll send you the kit along with a health history form and detailed instructions for taking pictures. Our experts will then design and create fully customized insoles based on a 3D model we create from your data.

Learn more and order your insoles today when your visit our online store.