Four benefits of personalized shoe insoles

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People often turn to personalized shoe insoles, also known as custom foot orthotics, as a way to address foot pain and other issues. Store-bought insoles often have less durability and do not provide a personalized fit compared to custom orthotics, which is just one reason people seek them out if pain persists. 

To help you better understand the potential benefits that personalized shoe insoles can offer, take a moment to read this quick and informative article. Whether you work long hours on your feet, you’re an athlete looking to bounce back from injury or you just want to be more active, the right pair of insoles can help you achieve your wellness goals. 

What personalized shoe insoles can do for you 

Thinking about getting fitted for custom orthotic insoles? Here are some of the primary benefits they can offer you: 

  1. A fully personalized fit — Custom orthotics are measured to the exact specifications of your feet. By fitting your exact contours, the insoles can provide better comfort and support. 
  2. Higher-quality materials — Instead of flimsy materials that can’t stand up to the stress, pressure and sweat of everyday use, custom insoles are typically made with high-grade foam and other materials. This means increased durability and longer-lasting comfort. 
  3. Promotes natural mechanics — Personalized shoe insoles should be made to work with the movements of your feet, not block them. Be sure to seek out orthotics that are designed by experts in the biomechanics of the lower body. 
  4. Can address other issues and injuries — Did you know that a pair of high-quality custom orthotics can even help with other problems, including knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain? Our musculoskeletal system is connected through one long kinetic chain. So improving alignment in the feet can help relieve stress in these other areas, potentially lessening pain. 

Many people who have decided that personalized shoe insoles may be right for them can still have concerns about factors such as cost and having to travel for a customized fitting. At Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we offer a competitively priced solution that you can be fitted for in the comfort of your own home.

Order your personalized shoe insoles today

Biocorrect offers a full range of high-quality products, from ready-made insoles all the way to fully custom orthotics. When you order our fully custom orthotics, we’ll send you a moldable foam home impression kit that you can complete and send back to us. From there, we’ll craft you a pair of personalized insoles that can fit almost any type of shoe. 

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