What is the best type of shoes for people with lymphedema?

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Lymphedema is a condition that causes swelling in the arms, legs, or other parts of the body due to a buildup of lymphatic fluid. This condition can be addressed with different treatments, including exercise, massage and custom orthotic insoles. For people with lymphedema, finding the right pair of shoes can be a challenge. The wrong shoes can make swelling worse and cause discomfort. The right shoes can provide necessary support and comfort to reduce swelling and improve mobility.

When people look for shoes to help with lymphedema symptoms, there are certain qualities that should be focused on. Shoes designed with comfort and support in mind can be the most effective for managing lymphedema.

Best shoe qualities for people with lymphedema

  • Arch support — Shoes that provide arch support can make walking with lymphedema easier. Arch support helps distribute weight evenly across your foot, which can reduce pressure and swelling.

  • Adjustable straps — A common symptom of lymphedema is swelling in the feet. This may be accompanied by pain and discomfort. Swelling can change at different points throughout the day, making it difficult to find shoes that will fit well for the duration. Shoes with adjustable straps can help by adjusting to different levels of swelling. They can also help maintain a healthy level of compression.

  • Breathable materials — Swelling from lymphedema can increase the likelihood of blisters. Blisters can aggravate lymphedema in the foot. Shoes made from soft and breathable materials can prevent the continuous rubbing that leads to blister formation.

  • Shoes with all these qualities can benefit you in managing lymphedema. However, they can be less effective than treatments targeted to the specific needs of your feet. Consider custom orthotics for a footwear solution designed to provide support where you need it.

    Biocorrect can provide shoe support for people with lymphedema

    When you suffer from lymphedema, it can be important to find the right shoes to provide relief. Arch support and adjustable straps can help reduce swelling, while breathable materials can help prevent additional symptoms. 

    Custom orthotics can provide additional support and cushioning. These are insoles, so you can get their benefits while wearing the shoes you prefer. At Biocorrect, our fully customizable foot orthotic system is designed to target and address imbalances in your entire body. Biocorrect orthotics can add needed support to shoes for people with lymphedema, and the benefits do not stop there.

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