Do insoles get rid of pain in the ball of your foot?

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Pain in the ball of your foot can come from many different sources. Sometimes ill-fitting shoes or high heels cause this pain. Sometimes more chronic afflictions like arthritis can cause sharp pains in the ball of your foot. In looking for relief, you may have found insoles offered as a solution to pain in the ball of your foot. These are inserts that give your feet extra support and cushioning in the shoe. While orthotic insoles can address pain, it is important to find orthotics that meet your needs.

Best insoles for ball of foot pain

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, most Americans suffer from foot pain. Because of the need, orthotics have become a common treatment. Orthotics vary in shape, firmness and quality. Here are some things to look for in the best insoles for pain in the ball of your foot:

  • Quick turnaround — When you’re suffering from foot pain, you probably don’t want to wait a long time for relief. The sooner you’re wearing orthotics, the sooner you can start to feel better. This is why the best orthotics reach you in less than two weeks.

  • Natural support — Some orthotics can force your feet into unnatural positions, causing discomfort. The best orthotics can reduce pain while also promoting comfort through cushioning.

  • Personalization — Feet vary in size, shape and needs. A one-shape-fits-all orthotic will have trouble addressing the needs of any specific individual. The best orthotic insoles for ball of foot pain will be custom-made to the contours of your foot, providing support where you need it. 

  • Biocorrect custom orthotics can reduce ball of foot pain

    Biocorrect custom orthotics are modeled from a foam impression of your foot, so they can meet your individual needs. These orthotics can address the source of your problems, whether your pain comes from arthritis or another condition affecting your feet. Our biomechanical specialists will work with you to build an orthotic solution that accommodates the needs of your foot.

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