Four signs that insoles for lower back pain may help you

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The lower back is such a common source of pain and injury because this region is responsible for supporting the weight of the upper body, while remaining flexible enough for basic movement. These forces can lead to injuries affecting the musculature and spine in the lower back that cause pain and other related symptoms. Although it can have a debilitating impact on your life, lower back pain is treatable. By taking a holistic approach, it is possible to address the matrix of underlying causes that are at the root of pain. 

In addition to strengthening the supporting muscles, getting adequate rest, improving posture, engaging in regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, many lower back pain sufferers turn to the lower body to achieve back pain relief. For example, insoles are one option that can potentially help lower back pain by correcting biomechanical issues in the feet that can travel all the way up to the back. 

How to tell if insoles for lower back pain can help you

Orthotic foot insoles are only one piece of the puzzle for relieving lower back pain. Here are some of the signs that they may be able to help you: 

  1. You’ve been diagnosed with issues like high or low arches and overpronation.
  2. You work a physically demanding job where you spend hours on your feet.
  3. You’re an athlete or are among the very physically active.
  4. You’ve dealt with knee and hip injuries that have made you alter your stride.

To give yourself the best chance of finding lasting relief, it’s important to select insoles that are created from high-quality materials, designed to actually improve natural foot mechanics and are crafted by experts with a background in correcting issues affecting the kinetic chain. 

Biocorrect insoles can help people dealing with lower back pain

When we started Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab, we set out to create an insole that doesn’t just provide lasting comfort and support for the foot, but improves the alignment and mechanics of the whole lower body. This can mean positive effects for lower back pain sufferers. 

Whether you select our fully custom or ready-made insoles, you can expect the highest-grade materials that are built for lasting support and a natural stride. Our custom orthotics are available at an extremely affordable price and can be conveniently fitted from the comfort of home with our moldable foam at-home impression kit. By being built to the exact specifications of your feet, custom orthotics offer the most natural stride and the best opportunity to address the imbalances that lead to lower back pain. 

Learn more about our custom orthotics and order your pair today by visiting our easy-to-navigate online store.