Why is your doctor prescribing custom orthotic inserts for your foot pain?

Biocorrect, LLC


You go to your general practitioner or a podiatrist for foot pain, and one thing that you leave with is a prescription for some custom orthotic inserts for your shoes. 

This may be a scenario that you’ve played out personally. It’s also likely something that has happened to the up to 36% of people experiencing foot pain according to a medical study. Even so, people who have received prescriptions to get custom orthotics from a doctor may want to know more about these products and why their doctor is prescribing them. 

What are custom orthotic inserts? 

Custom orthotics are a type of shoe insert, but they aren’t much like the Dr. Scholl’s inserts that you see in your local Walmart. The biggest difference between these two ends of the shoe insert spectrum is personalization. Custom orthotics are created by certified pedorthists using molds and measurements obtained from a one-on-one evaluation. As a result, these products are designed to fit every curve of your foot precisely. 

Three reasons your doctor is prescribing custom orthotic inserts: 

  1. They help reduce foot pain — Custom orthotics are often prescribed for foot pain because they can help reduce your pain. One study on plantar fasciitis patients reports that orthotics helped reduce pain by up to 66% after just 12 to 17 days of use. 
  1. They can decrease disability — Issues that trigger foot pain also tend to make walking and other foot-related activities more difficult. One reason doctors often prescribe custom orthotics is they can decrease your level of disability when you have a foot issue. A study on patients with plantar fasciitis found that as few as 12 days of use led to a 75% decrease in patient disability ratings. 
  1. They can help you avoid surgery — Although some painful foot problems, like posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), may require surgery to heal properly, custom orthotics can be used in combination with treatment options like physical therapy (PT) to reduce your risk of surgery. One PTTD study found that an orthotic/PT combo helped 89% of the study’s patients avoid surgery. 

Biocorrect offers custom orthotic inserts to fit your needs

Searching for a place to purchase the custom orthotic inserts that your doctor prescribed? You’ll find what you’re looking for at Biocorrect. Our team can use your doctor’s recommendations to build you the orthotics that are right for your foot issue. We’ll combine this information with the data we gather during a comprehensive foot and gait evaluation. Our specialists will also take a foam impression of your feet to ensure a customized fit. 

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