Can custom orthotics help with my hip alignment problems?

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Hip alignment problems can make it harder to walk, sit or even lie down to sleep. So, they can basically affect every aspect of your daily routine. 

Unfortunately, there are too many people who are dealing with the challenges of a hip problem. Medical research indicates that up to 40% of sports-playing adults and up to 15% of adults over 60 have hip pain. Often, these individuals have developed a soft tissue injury or condition that has led to a hip alignment problem. Fortunately, certified pedorthists can build you custom orthotics designed to address these and other hip issues. 

How do you know if you have a hip alignment problem? 

In many cases, pain is the first sign that you have a hip alignment issue. Decreased range of motion and trouble walking and performing other normal movements are also common signs. However, there are many underlying issues that can affect hip alignment. Soft tissue injuries and hip osteoarthritis are a few of the more common of these issues. 

The location of your pain can help you determine if you have an issue involving the soft tissue around your hip or if the issue is with the joint itself. Soft tissue injuries tend to cause pain in: 

  • The outside of your hip. 
  • The upper thigh. 
  • The outer buttock. 

In contrast, a hip joint problem typically leads to pain in the inside of the affected hip or in the groin area. 

How can custom orthotics benefit people with hip alignment problems?

You might not think that adding custom orthotics to your shoes can do much for your hip. Your feet, yes. But your hip? Also, yes. There are many benefits that custom orthotics can offer to people with a misaligned hip. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Reducing pain. 
  • Helping to realign soft tissue that supports the hip. 
  • Stabilizing the hip, knee and ankle joints. 
  • Improving how your limbs move as you walk and run. 
  • Helping to address foot pronation and supination that can affect hip alignment. 

Biocorrect custom orthotics can help address your hip alignment problems

Keen to try custom orthotics to help address your hip misalignment? Our team at Biocorrect can help you get custom orthotics that are designed to meet your needs. Our certified pedorthists can evaluate your entire limb, including your hip, and determine what issues you’re dealing with. They will then take a custom foam mold of your feet. This allows our experts to build orthotics that are customized to every line and curve of your feet. 

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