3 reasons custom orthotics can (and should) replace your boot insoles

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Do you work long hours on a farm or industrial site? Do you come home from work most nights with aching feet? You may be interested in boot insoles. Here’s why you should opt for custom orthotics instead of boot insoles. 

What are boot insoles?

Boot insoles are a type of shoe insert that is generally designed to provide a higher level of support to the feet than everyday inserts. They are made for people working long jobs outside in protective footwear. They generally promise additional arch support, greater comfort, and pressure distribution. While they may be helpful to a certain extent, they often lack the specific support each individual needs. That’s where custom orthotics come in. 

What are some of the reasons why custom orthotics should replace boot insoles?

You may be surprised to learn that there are several reasons why custom orthotics can be more beneficial for your foot health than boot insoles. Some of these reasons include:

  • They can accommodate your unique foot structure — Custom-made orthotics are better for accommodating the unique features of your feet. They can provide support in places that generic insoles otherwise wouldn’t. Custom orthotics can support your specific needs, whether you have high or low arches, overpronation, supination, or inflammation in your foot.

  • They can be custom-fitted for your boots — Another reason to choose custom orthotics over generic insoles is that they can be customized to the dimensions of your boots. Your orthotics can be made to fit the inside of your boot and your feet so that the fit is the best it can be.

  • They can reduce your chances of blisters — Many people who get boot insoles experience blisters as their feet adjust to a new positioning in the shoe. The heels, toes, and other foot areas may rub against the shoe in new places, leading to painful raw spots. Custom orthotics can provide many of the same benefits of boot insoles without the blisters. Custom orthotics consider the unique dimensions of your feet and your boots so that there is less rubbing and friction on your skin.

Biocorrect custom orthotics are a great alternative to boot insoles

Do you have foot pain during long workdays? Are you looking for orthotics to put into your work boots? The Biocorrect custom foot orthotics lab is especially capable of addressing your unique foot support needs. Our team has extensive experience working with hard workers just like you, and we aim to help each patient achieve good foot health. The Biocorrect lab offers a variety of custom orthotics solutions designed to fit each person’s individual needs.

Contact us to learn more about the orthotics we offer or to set up an initial evaluation with one of our certified pedorthists. If you’re in need of more information, you can visit our online store today to research our full product line, hear from satisfied customers and order the custom foot orthotic solution for you.