The top 4 things you should get from plantar fasciitis shoe inserts

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Plantar fasciitis is a condition that involves inflammation of the plantar fascia band along the bottom of the foot. It causes sharp pain that occurs around the heel of the foot when pressure is applied. The symptoms are also typically worse in the mornings or after long periods of inactivity. Plantar fasciitis affects nearly 1 in every 10 people in the U.S.

Treatment for this condition usually involves rest and the right set of shoe inserts. Here’s what you should know about shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis.

What should you make sure your plantar fasciitis shoe inserts include?

There are several factors that are key to high-quality plantar fasciitis shoe inserts. Each of these factors plays a role in creating foot support that relieves your symptoms and improves your foot health. Some of the factors that your plantar fasciitis shoe inserts should have are:

  • Strong arch support — It’s important to ensure that your shoe inserts have strong support in the area where the arch of the foot is. Well-supported arches help maintain functionality throughout the rest of the foot. It can minimize pain from standing or walking for extensive periods of time. It also helps distribute the weight of your body across the whole foot. The right arch support can reduce pain and other symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis because it distributes pressure on the foot to more than just one area. Shoe inserts can reduce the pressure and inflammation placed on the plantar fascia across the bottom of the foot.

  • Deep heel cups — Heel cups that are deep and have a significant amount of cushioning are another important component of plantar fasciitis shoe inserts. A deep, well-cushioned heel cup can relieve pressure on the plantar fascia and relieve pain.

  • Sturdy fabrication — When looking for a high-quality shoe insert for plantar fasciitis, it’s essential to make sure that the inserts have a sturdy fabrication. You want your inserts to withstand frequent wear and tear. The most effective shoe inserts are the ones that can provide strong support even with lots of movement.

  • Shock absorption — Shoe inserts that provide good shock absorption can relieve some of the stress being placed on the plantar fascia during daily movement. Shock absorbers can reduce the pain that is associated with plantar fasciitis by absorbing the pressure during walks, runs and other physical activities involving the feet.

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