3 benefits you can get by choosing the right shoe inserts for high arches

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When people think of foot issues that stem from the arch, they usually think of low arches or flat feet. But people with high arches can experience similar pain to those with low arches or no arch at all. That’s why it’s important that high arches are properly supported with shoe inserts.

Not all shoe inserts are created equal. Each one is designed to help specific foot issues, from acute injuries to conditions caused by gradual wear and tear. But when you have high arches, you should make sure that you have shoe inserts that provide support and stability.

The basics of high arches

A high arch, known as a cavus foot, means that the curved area between the heel and ball of the foot is raised higher than normal. A high arch can put excessive stress on the heel and ball of the foot while standing or walking. 

People with high arches can experience a few symptoms that interfere with their ability to properly move around, including:

3 benefits of choosing the right shoe inserts for high arches

If you’re shopping around for shoe inserts to help support your high arches, you shouldn’t just pick the first one you see. Finding the right options will provide long-term benefits that will help keep you comfortable as you handle your day-to-day activities.

Here are three benefits of choosing the right shoe inserts to help high arches:

  • Decreased pain — One of the most prominent symptoms of high arches is pain in the heel and ball of your foot due to excessive stress. The additional support from shoe inserts can help alleviate the ache by evenly distributing the pressure with every step.
  • Improved balance — Having a high arch can cause ankle instability, making it difficult to carry out activities that require balance, such as walking up stairs or dancing. Shoe inserts for high arches can improve your stability and balance so that you feel confident in your movements.
  • Reduced risk of injuries — The underpronation that’s caused by high arches can increase the likelihood of ankle sprains or falls. Shoe inserts can decrease the risk of your foot rolling and causing an injury or accident.

Biocorrect can help you find the right shoe inserts for high arches

There’s a difference between finding any shoe inserts to help your high arches and finding the right ones. The good news is that Biocorrect has both custom orthotics and over-the-counter solutions that will address your high arch symptoms so that you can feel more supported and comfortable with every movement.

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