Custom and OTC high arch insoles

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Looking for a new set of custom or over-the-counter high arch orthotic insoles? Orthotics are a popular choice for those who are tired of dealing with shoes that do not support their high arches. Shoes without proper support can lead to instability, discomfort and foot pain. Arch support in shoes is often geared toward people with low arches. However, you still need arch supports when you have high arches. High arch orthotics are designed to offer an effective solution.

Benefits of top quality high arch insoles

  • Enhanced support — High arches need real support. Wearing shoes without enough support can put pressure on the ball of your foot as well as the heel. Over time, this can cause painful conditions inside your feet. High arch insoles can alleviate this discomfort through enhanced support and cushioning. If you choose a custom insole option, your insoles will be made to offer support to the unique structure of your foot. You can also find over-the-counter orthotics with additional arch support.

  • Improved performance — Do you lead an athletic lifestyle? High arch insoles can give your performance a major boost. With improved shock absorption, insoles made for your arches can be helpful when engaging in high-impact sports activities. These orthotics can also reduce your fatigue. This can enable you to stay active for longer periods. Orthotic insoles can also help prevent injuries. By supporting your feet, they can help keep your legs healthy. Injuries like shin splints and stress fractures tend to be less frequent in athletes with proper footwear.

  • Customization options — One great advantage of high arch orthotics is their customizability. With plenty of options available, you can find one that closely matches your own preferences. If you decide on custom orthotics, you can receive insoles tailor-made for the contours of your feet. Over-the-counter options are readily available and can offer many of the same benefits as well. 

  • Find the right high arch insoles at Biocorrect

    If you have high arches, finding the right orthotics can be a game changer. At Biocorrect, our holistic and personal approach is meant to help everyone get the foot support they need. Our range of products includes quality orthotic solutions designed to make people with high arches stay comfortable and healthy on their feet.

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