What is

Women's Slim-FIT?

Biocorrect Slim-FIT, ¾-length orthotic, is an insert designed exclusively for women’s low profile footwear. Slim-FIT is designed to offer relief for lower body discomfort while providing maximum foot support and comfort.

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US Size
3 - 5
5.5 - 7
7.5 - 9
9.5 - 12


Men's Women's
Slim-FIT Womens
Women's Slim-FIT
Women's Slim-FIT
Women's Slim-FIT
Women's Slim-FIT
Women's Slim-FIT

Key Functions of Slim-FIT (women’s)

Provides long-lasting arch for low, medium and high arches
Built-in shock absorber pad (blue) for extra shock absorption
Built-in metatarsal pad (green) for bottom/middle foot pain relief
Stable and deep heel counter offers additional foot and ankle stability
Self-molding materials for long-lasting comfort
Durable materials for extended use
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Place your pair of Slim-FIT inserts on top of your existing shoe liner or remove existing shoe liners and replace the liners with your pair of Slim-FIT inserts.

Break In Period

  • Allow one week for complete product break-in
  • Suggested wear time for first use: 1-3 hours
  • Increase wear time daily by 2 hours until foot is accustomed to insert

Warranty Info

Biocorrect inserts come with a 30-day warranty against material defects.

WARNING: If you experience any pain or discomfort, discontinue use of the product and contact your healthcare professional immediately.

I went to Biocorrect to see if I could get relief from constant leg pain caused by Iliotibial Band Syndrome. The orthotics from Biocorrect gave me immediate relief, so I recommended my husband get orthotics to help with ankle pain from an old ankle injury (broken ankle). He has found great relief also. We have always had great service, and would highly recommend Biocorrect for pain relief. The orthotics have certainly improved our quality of life.

- Betty B.