What is

Men's Slim-FIT?

Biocorrect Slim-FIT, ¾-length orthotic, is an insert designed exclusively for men’s low profile footwear. Slim-FIT is designed to offer relief for lower body discomfort while providing maximum foot support and comfort.

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US Size
5.5 - 7
7.5 - 9
9.5 - 11
11.5 - 14


Men's Women's
Slim-FIT Mens
Men's Slim-FIT
Men's Slim-FIT
Men's Slim-FIT
Men's Slim-FIT
Men's Slim-FIT

Key Functions of Slim-FIT (men’s)

Provides long-lasting arch for low, medium and high arches
Built-in shock absorber pad for extra shock absorption
Built-in metatarsal pad (green) for bottom/middle foot pain relief
Removable cuboid pad (orange) for outside/lateral foot pain relief
Stable and deep heel counter offers additional foot and ankle stability
Self-molding materials for long-lasting comfort
Durable materials for extended use
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Place your pair of Slim-FIT inserts on top of your existing shoe liner or remove existing shoe liners and replace the liners with your pair of Slim-FIT inserts.

Break In Period

  • Allow one week for complete product break-in
  • Suggested wear time for first use: 1-3 hours
  • Increase wear time daily by 2 hours until foot is accustomed to insert

Warranty Info

Biocorrect inserts come with a 30-day warranty against material defects.

WARNING: If you experience any pain or discomfort, discontinue use of the product and contact your healthcare professional immediately.

I have had Biocorrect orthotics for over 10 years now and I can tell you that I will not get my orthotics from anyone else. I run ultra marathons do iron distance triathlons using my orthotics as well as using them everyday for work. The staff is awesome and their orthotics last.

- Joseph F.