Why custom orthotics may be what you need to use for sore feet

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Plantar fasciitis. Flat feet. Osteoarthritis. Any of these conditions can lead to foot pain and other issues. They can also make walking and other normal daily tasks much harder to perform. 

Unfortunately, there are far too many people living with sore and painful feet. One medical survey reports that up to 36% of people have some form of foot pain at any given time. There are many treatment options that can help treat aching feet, but custom orthotics can be one of the most beneficial ways to address sore feet. 

Custom orthotics can offer these three benefits when used for sore feet

Many people have heard of orthotics even if they’ve never actually used them. If you haven’t, orthotics are special shoe inserts that can help address sore feet. They can even help people who are dealing with back pain, knee pain or hip issues. 

When used for sore feet, these products offer benefits that can include: 

  1. Decreased foot pain — Custom orthotics are designed to cushion the feet. In fact, they’re customized to decrease stress on structures like the plantar fascia. This reduced stress can lead to less pain; one study on plantar fasciitis reports that 70% of the patients that used orthotics had significant improvements in their foot pain. 
  1. Improved balance — Aching feet can make it harder to keep your balance. For instance, foot pain can cause you to change how you walk; this can make you more susceptible to falls and other balance issues. A study on orthotics shows that they helped significantly improve scores in four different balance tests. 
  1. Reduced medication use — Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are a common treatment used for painful feet. For instance, it’s reported that about 70% of plantar fasciitis patients use OTC meds for their pain. However, another study shows that orthotics led to decreased pain in 40% more patients than OTC meds. This means that orthotics could reduce your foot pain more effectively than OTC meds, so you won’t feel the need to take them as often. 

Find custom orthotics for your sore feet at Biocorrect

Are you tired of living with aching feet? Our team at Biocorrect is ready to help you find the custom orthotics that can help your sore feet. The custom orthotics we create are based on a foam impression we take of your feet. Our orthotics specialists can also evaluate your movement patterns and apply the results to your design. 

Not sure if our orthotics are the right choice for you? You can check out how our products stand up to the competition. Additionally, you can view testimonials from other customers who have purchased our products. 

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