What to do if you have sharp pain on top of your foot when walking

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Tendinitis. Stress fractures. Shoes that are too tight. Bone spurs. The list of issues that can lead to pain on the top of your foot is extensive. 

Feeling sharp pain on the top of your foot when walking isn’t all that uncommon. Metatarsal stress fractures are one of the issues that commonly lead to this type of pain, and they’re estimated to be responsible for up to 16% of all injuries related to athletic participation. There are many ways that this type of pain can be addressed; here are three tips that can be especially helpful for the issues that cause pain on top of the foot. 

These three tips can help you address sharp pain on top of your foot when walking

Walking is something that most people do every day. We walk the dog. We walk to the mailbox to check for mail. We walk from our car to the grocery store, around the store and back to the car. It’s activities like these that have the average American walking between 1 1/2 and 2 miles per day. 

However, doing all this, or more, walking every day can be agony when you feel sharp pain on top of your foot every time you take a step. Here are three tips that can help address this issue: 

  1. Visit a medical professional Of all the Americans who develop foot pain annually, only about one-third visit a medical professional about their pain. Primary care doctors, podiatrists and physical therapists can all help you find treatment options for your pain. They can also apply casts or splints if your pain is related to a stress fracture. 
  1. Take a break from walking — Many issues that cause foot pain develop as a result of overuse. Walking 10,000 steps or more per day can have benefits for your health. But walking so far also places a lot of repetitive stress on your feet, which can lead to tendinitis and other foot issues. Taking a break allows your injured feet the time they need to recover from overuse and can reduce your pain.
  1. Get fitted for custom orthotics — Shoes can often lack support, especially if you’ve been wearing them for a while. Adding customized orthotics to your shoes can help increase the support your shoes provide. They can also help realign the feet, ankles, knees and hips, which can reduce foot pain from walking. 

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