Tips for addressing foot pain on the side of your foot

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Bunions. Ankle injuries. Stress fractures. Arthritis. Any of these issues can cause you to feel foot pain. Specifically, they can cause pain on the side of your foot, which is also known as lateral foot pain. 

Unfortunately, it’s all too likely that you’ll experience some type of foot pain in your lifetime. Studies show that 77% of Americans have experienced at least one episode of foot pain. There are a number of ways you can address lateral foot pain; here are three tips that can be particularly helpful. 

These three tips may be your best bet for treating foot pain on the side of your foot

Once people have foot pain on the side of their foot or any other form of foot pain, they don’t tend to get professional help for it. Researchers report that only about 33% of people who have foot pain seek expert medical care. Here, our foot care experts share helpful tips that can help address your lateral foot pain. 

Three of the most helpful tips for this type of foot pain include: 

  1. “PRICE” itPRICE is an acronym for protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Taking all these steps when dealing with foot pain can help reduce your symptoms. They’re especially helpful in the first one to three days after you begin feeling foot pain. 
  1. Attend physical therapy — Foot issues often develop over time because of problems with your exercise form or weakness in key areas. Physical therapists can help you pinpoint issues with your walking or running form that can affect your feet. In addition, they can reveal weak muscles that might be contributing to your foot issue and help you find ways to strengthen them. 
  1. Use custom orthotics — Orthotics are inserts that are placed inside your shoes. They can be customized to fit your feet specifically. Adding customized orthotics to your shoes can lead to benefits such as: 
  • Increased arch support
  • Improved foot, ankle, knee and hip alignment
  • Reduced shock to the foot from walking or running

Biocorrect can help you find orthotics designed to reduce foot pain on the side of your foot

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