What’s causing that burning sensation in the back of your heel?

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Getting in your daily cardio. Playing with your kids or grandkids. Driving around on errands or to work. Heel pain can make all these activities much less pleasant, and it’s far more common than many people might think. 

One medical study shows that about 2 million Americans seek help for heel pain annually. Often, this pain feels like a burning sensation in the back of your heel, and this type of pain should definitely not be ignored. In many cases, burning heel pain is caused by a condition called plantar fasciitis. 

What is plantar fasciitis? 

Plantar fasciitis is a foot and heel condition that can lead to a burning sensation in the back of the heel. It can also lead to symptoms like heel pain first thing in the morning or pain that gets worse after exercising.

This condition affects a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot, which is called the plantar fascia. There are many factors that can lead to plantar fasciitis. Some of the most common causes of this foot condition are: 

What can custom orthotics do to help the burning sensation in the back of your heel?

It’s a bad idea to ignore the burning sensation in the back of your heel and other symptoms of plantar fasciitis. For one thing, ignoring your symptoms can cause them to become chronic. Additionally, your symptoms may cause you to change how you walk, and this can lead to other issues in your feet, knees, hips and back. 

One option that can help treat plantar fasciitis is custom orthotics. These products can be helpful because they’re designed to: 

  • Realign your ankle, knee and hip joints
  • Provide a high level of arch support
  • Improve the cushioning of your heel
  • Increase heel stability
  • Return your foot to a natural position while walking

Find custom orthotics for your heel pain at Biocorrect

Our Biocorrect team is ready to help you find the custom orthotics that can help reduce the burning sensation in the back of your heel. We offer in-person foot and gait evaluations from certified pedorthists. During your evaluation, our specialists will take a foam impression of your foot. This allows us to have a 3-D model of your foot upon which to build orthotics specific to your needs. 

Don’t have time to come in for an in-person evaluation? That’s OK! Our team can send you a home impression kit that includes easy-to-follow instructions. After you send your kit back, we can create your custom orthotics and then ship them to you.

Ready to find out more about our custom orthotics? Visit our online store today to research our full product line, hear from satisfied customers and order the custom foot orthotic solution that fits your needs.