Need high arch support? Custom orthotics can be more helpful than store-bought insoles

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Do you experience foot pain when you walk or jog? Do only the toes, forefoot and heel appear in your wet footprints? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have high arches. 

This issue is also called pes cavus, and one medical study estimates that it affects about 10% of the population. A certified pedorthist is one medical professional who can help you find better support for your high arches. These specialists can also help you learn how custom orthotics can be more effective for high arches than store-bought options. 

Three ways custom orthotics are more helpful for high arch support than store-bought orthotics

Orthotics are special inserts that slip into your shoes, and these can offer better support for people with high arches. However, all orthotics aren’t equal. Store-bought insoles are relatively inexpensive, but they lack many of the features of custom orthotics. 

Three features of custom orthotics that you won’t typically find in store-bought products are: 

  1. Overpronation correctionOverpronation is when your foot rolls too far inward as you walk, and it’s a common issue that goes along with high arches. Custom orthotics are designed to help correct overpronation. In turn, they can also help reduce the ankle sprains that overpronation can cause.
  1. Natural foot positioning — Store-bought orthotics can provide arch support. However, they may also contribute to unnatural foot positioning, which can increase your pain. Custom orthotics are designed using a foam impression of your feet. This allows them to support your arch while also encouraging a natural foot position.
  1. Extended durability — People with high arches will need long-term support from their orthotics. However, store-bought products tend to wear out relatively quickly. Custom orthotics are made from materials that are designed to increase their durability. In turn, this means you won’t have to change them out as often.

Biocorrect offers custom orthotics that can better support your high arches

Ready to find better support for your high arches? Our certified pedorthists at Biocorrect can help you find the custom orthotics that can help you. We offer one-on-one foot and gait evaluations to help us learn as much as possible about your issue and its root cause. 

During your evaluation, our specialists will also take a foam impression of your foot. This impression is then used to design a custom orthotic that’s personalized to fit your needs. We can even send you an at-home foot impression kit if you aren’t able to come in for an in-person evaluation.

Take the next step to start getting our help with your high arches. Visit our online store today to research our full product line, hear from satisfied customers and order the custom foot orthotic solution that fits your needs.